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  • Full policy library
  • Employee training module
  • Comprehension test & certification
  • 1-click internal helpline
  • Continuous policy update
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per employee / month

  • Employee training module
  • Full policy library
  • Comprehension test & certification
  • 1-click internal helpline
  • Continuous policy updates
  • Company logo and colors
  • Compliance Dashboard
  • Risk assessment
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

You simply sign up and instantly get the PolicyApp that can be accessed on any mobile device or desktop. You benefit from our decade-long expertise and save thousands of dollars not having to source paper policies from law firms that are not updated and no one reads. You will then receive login details to access the PolicyApp Dashboard. 

Do I need to communicate the PolicyApp to employees?

Yes. This is important. Employees can only be expected to know standards that have been communicated to them (and that they have received training on). Also, if you have a misconduct issue you have to be able to demonstrate to any court or authorities, or even as part of employment dispute, that you have made clear to employees what type of conduct is acceptable and what not in order to reduce problems, fines or potential sanctions. 

What is included in the PolicyApp?

With the Professional PolicyApp, you get a full library of critical compliance policies in several languages covering key risk areas in today’s business environment: Anti-Corruption, Human Rights, Health & Safety, Environment, Fair Competition, Confidential Information, Non-discrimination, and Conflicts of Interests. Employees will have instant access to a short training module covering each policy topic with a certification of adherence. The PolicyApp also offers 1-click access to an email helpline for employees to ask questions or raise concerns internally. And whenever we see changes to legal developments that impact the policies, your PolicyApp content will be automatically updated. You don't have to keep an eye on legal developments. 

Why do companies need policies?

A commitment to compliance has become a must in today's society with increasing transparency, ethical expectations, regulations, enforcement, fines and sanctions worldwide. As seen with recent ethical breakdowns, compliance breaches can lead to serious injuries, losses, damaged reputation, fines and criminal sanctions for companies and their leaders. 

Moreover, laws require companies to implement and evidence a Compliance Program, which includes communicating professional policies on expected conduct, training of employees and providing a channel to raise concerns. It also enables a company to send the right message about commitment to employees, clients, suppliers, investors and other stakeholders. 

Most companies experience some form of misconduct, such as conflicts of interests, discrimination, misleading marketing, loss of trade secrets or corruption. And large companies have learnt their lessons; 100% of UK FTSE 500 companies have implemented a Code / Policies and 93% deliver employee training.

However, most small and medium-sized companies still lack policies and training. This is why we developed the PolicyApp. We spent more than a decade leading the integrity function is one of the largest companies in the world and advising dozens of Fortune 500 companies on ethical conduct. With this experience, we have created a turnkey solution suitable to all size company. And we made it simple and affordable to implement. 

Where does the content originate from?

The PolicyApp® is a global standard created by leading experts endorsed by global law firm and used worldwide. We have reviewed hundreds of company policies in order to craft user-friendly and principles-based policies that people can understand and apply worldwide. The policies reflects international standards such as the UN Global Compact. 

The PolicyStore has advised dozens of Fortune 500 clients, including GSK, Airbus, Swiss Re, Heineken, Daimler, L'Oreal, J&J, and Bayer. We also work with Harvard Business School to measure impact of our tools, and have been featured in leading publications including Financial Times and Cornerstone Capital Journal for Sustainable Banking.

What if we for some reason change our minds?

Satisfaction is guaranteed. Our clients love the PolicyApp and we are confident that you will too. We never had a paying client leave us ;). So we offer 30 day money back guarantee. 

Does it work in any industry and geography?

Yes. The laws regulating business conduct in society do not apply only to certain industries. As an example, companies have to comply with anti-corruption laws whether they are researching medicines, manufacturing clothing, or selling software. Moreover, the most critical laws are international and apply to all businesses and everywhere in the world. 

What about our business partners?

As we have seen with some recent scandals, unethical business practices in the supply chain can lead to major risks and business disruption. With recent legal requirements, your company is required to evidence efforts to promote compliance in the supply chain and reduce reputational and legal risks. As an example, in 2015 the UK introduced the Modern Slavery Act following similar US regulations, requiring companies to publish a transparency statement detailing steps taken to prevent risks in their supply chains.

With the PolicyApp®, you have the unique opportunity to comply with laws and client demands, by equipping your business partners with user-friendly compliance policies and training. It is very easy. Once you sign up to the PolicyApp, you can get a link to send to all business partners, see here