Here is the Secret

We had many people ask how we can possibly offer an industry-leading safeguard (the Professional PolicyApp) for less than $1 per employee per month! That is amazing. 

Well, yes. But that is because people compare it to what has been around for decades. If you would go to law firms to get policies, training, helpline etc. you would have to reach really deep into your pockets. You would probably need at least $50.000 AND you should expect being involved for 6 months to put in all into place..). Oouch.  

Why is that?

Well, law firms have enormous overhead. Just think of the beautiful offices on fancy addresses in large cities. Add they pay high salaries to lots of people as they need expertise on many topics. And getting new clients is done the way it was always done: face to face. Great, we also like to meet people, eat lovely dinners and go to sports events. But it comes with a hefty price tag and someone needs to finance it. So EACH (paper-based) policy will cost you $5-10,000. If you then need training of employee, probably in different locations...

Yup. You guessed it. We don't need any of this. We keep our overhead to the bare minimum to make the PolicyApp affordable to all types of companies - in every country of the world (we do mean 'every country', and have reached 80 countries so far in the first few months on this year, so still work to do..). And we have top software engineers who use modern, scalable technology to keep costs low and to deliver instantly. 

Thanks for listening.