Deliver instant mobile policies

Employees do not read long, legalistic paper-policies, exposing companies to legal risks as they cant evidence employee access and usage.

The PolicyApp provides employees with short, user-friendly and instantly accessible guidance when they need it and secures legal safeguard.


Supplier PolicyApp

Equip business partners with policies, training and certifications

Companies are exposed to supply chain risks and lack tools to manage their 50.000+ suppliers representing significant risks.

The Supplier PolicyApp ensures instant deployment of compliance policies, training and certifications for business partners.

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Ethics & Compliance Program App

Implement mobile Ethics & Compliance Program

Most SMEs lack an Ethics & Compliance Program to secure legal safeguard against misconduct and meet regulatory requirements.

The Ethics & Compliance Program App secures instant adoption with Code of Conduct, policies, helpline, training and certification.


Moral Compass Plugin

Use behavioural economics to reduce dishonesty

Dishonesty is a major problem for businesses and government (insurance industry loses $80bn yearly to dishonest claims).

The Moral Widget is a technology plugin to significantly reduce dishonesty using proven behavioral economics insights.


Social Compass App

Strengthen ethical decision-making and engagement

Employees lack tools to engage on ethical topics and help them take better and more holistic business decisions.

The Social Compass strengthens engagement and decision-making with employees crowdsourcing ethical opinions from peers and experts. 

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Compliance Monitor

Monitor business conduct program performance

Most companies do not continuously track implementation status of Ethics & Compliance Program across geographies and activities.

The Compliance Monitor provides real time oversight of Ethics & Compliance Program implementation worldwide.


Moral Compass App

Improve ethical decision-making

Many ethical breakdowns are driven by people failing to consider ethical dimensions of business decisions.

The Moral Compass App nudges people to reflect on purpose, motivation, impact and perception, when taking decisions.  

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Integrity Health Check

Measure ethical climate

Organisations invest significant resources into comprehensive business conduct programs, but often lack tools to measure whether business conduct programs have impact on ethical climate and performance.

The Integrity Health Check provides a cutting-edge tool to deliver unique insights to Management on ethical climate. 


Responsible Leadership Course

Strengthen leadership in changing business climate

While organisations recognise need to adapt to changing environment, leaders ask themselves what setting tone from the top and leading by example means in practice.

The Responsible Leadership Course provides participants with skills and tools to take decisions which meet commercial, ethical and legal demands, but also to create conditions to enable others become responsible decision-makers.

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Policy Check

Measure quality of company policies

Most large organisations struggle with an overload of standards, which are long, technical and difficult to access.

The Policy Check serves to instantly measure your policy management - without traditional significant investment into inventory and analysis - across four dimensions: Policy Framework, Content, Look and Feel, as well as Impact.



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